Happy Forgings Limited has established itself as one of the most prominent and reliable players in the auto component business since 1979. In 1979 well-named industrialist Mr. Paritosh Kumar Garg (Managing Director) promoted this company as a Private Limited Company and in 1988 it was converted into a Public Limited Company. The company has had 24 years of experience in catering to the automotive, tractor, railway, earth moving and pipe fitting industries.

Happy Forgings Limited is a leading and technologically advanced auto component manufacturer serving the forging industry for the last 3 decades. It is one of the largest full service company supplying forged engine and drive-line components. Also it has been continuously taking pains to reach the highest quality by hiring highly qualified technically competent professionals.

We have already started the project at 35000 sq. yards land aquired opposite existing plant for setting up of ultra-modern machining unit for Crank Shafts (4 to 6 cylinder), Steering Knuckles and Front Axle Beams for LCVs/MCvs/HCVs which will be completed by August 2008 and production will be started by March 2009
This facility can finish 30000 crankshafts/month.
Eqipped with:
Landis Orbital Grinders
Heller and Niles Simons External Pin Milling
Honsberg Lamb HMCs for Oil Hole Drilling, Centring Facing and Side Hole Drilling
Alfing Induction Hardening
Schenk Cranksshaft Straightening
Adcole Testing Facilities
8000 TON Mechanical Forging Press (TMP – Voronezh) installed with 4000kw induction billet heater. Bolsters and cassettes all designed for the development of Front Axle Beams, 4-6 Cylinder Crank Shafts and Steering Knuckles of LCVs/MCVs/ HCVs.  
4000 TON Mechanical Forging Press (TMP– Voronezh) installed with 1200kw induction billet heater.  
5ton HUTA Zygmunt Poland make pneumatic Hammer with 1600kw induction billet heater.  
1 to 3 ton Friction Belt Drop Hammers  

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